About us


Nonextras is created with the aim of providing quality service and fully transparent to our customers, with the experience and enthusiasm of a team with more than 15 years working in the car rental business.

We are a young, agile, dynamic, with open mind and from different parts of the world team. We understand each other perfectly and we have our very clear goals.

We put our commitment, involvement and experience to the service of the company to make everything easy and transparent in renting your vehicle.

We are people who work for people and we love to work for you. You are our reason for being and your satisfaction is our main aim.

We like the same thing to you and everyone, make the things easy, fair things, no surprises and knowing what we want and we hired, and is what we have done with Nonextras, as we ourselves would like.

Whether we like ... traveling, diving, being with family and friends, uncork a bottle of wine, relax, enjoy the sun, beach or a good trekking through the mountains ... Well you do you think?


In Nonextras our philosophy is and will be, make everything easy and simple, what you see is what you get. We are transparent, honest, fair, no small print, we not hide anything. Information and truth to you, are and will be our priorities.

To this aim we created Nonextras and so we will continue because we believe that is the only way to make things right and give you the best guarantees, with the best price without any surprises and always cover without excess.

Trust us once and repeat !! And surely it you will tell your friends!!


  • Because you always rent without risk, without excess, with the best prices and full-full!!
  • Because we do not hide anything, the price is 100% real, no surprises!!
  • Because we have the best companies and the most recognized!!
  • Because we are like you! We like everything easy, fair, no weird stuff!!.... We are Nonextras!!